Surgical procedure for Gynecomastia – Is it the sole Option?

Gynecomastia would be the professional medical expression for breast enlargement in males, commonly identified as mans boobs. This issue is rather embarrassing for men since they appear to own women-like breasts. Approximately 1/3 of men population suffers from this humiliating issue. Shame, irritation and lack of self value turned gentlemen to hunt surgical treatment for neurosurgeon.


Surgical operation for gynecomastia is actually a process to get rid of excess fat to reshape upper body and enable it to be appear flatter and firmer. Most gynecomastia procedures price concerning $4,500 and $8,500. Regretably your health insurance policies may not cover this treatment because they consider it as a cosmetic medical procedures.

Although other victims identified results in surgical treatment for gynecomastia, you’ve to grasp that surgeries have specified pitfalls. In the event you are considering surgery to remove gynecomastia, you have to question yourself, can it be the sole selection for yourself?

You will discover things which you might have to grasp just before having a surgical treatment for gynecomastia.

If you are anxious to own a properly contoured upper body through surgery for gynecomastia, you’ve got to be aware of that subjecting by yourself underneath the knife may outcome to obvious scars especially if the treatment necessitates severe elimination of excessive skin. Everlasting discoloration or pigment changes might also arise. If you cannot get off your shirt in public throughout swimming together with other routines for the reason that of your respective woman-like breasts, would you feel a permanent scar and discoloration with your chest will make you proud to choose off your shirt in public?

Surgery for gynecomastia might also final result to uneven breasts or nipples and if the unevenness is simply too obvious, a second surgery might be performed. Subjecting your self to various surgeries is even riskier and ahead of you choose to get a operation you have got to give it a via considering. Surgery is usually a complex and irreversible course of action therefore you really have to discover all possibilities to treat gynecomastia before subjecting on your own to surgical treatment.

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